Perfect for any room of the home, our flooring is made in the USA using the latest technology and equipment.  Our digital printing process allows us to make one print at a time. Therefore, our flooring can be made to your specifications.  Orders will come directly from the factory partners to ensure the fastest delivery and best service.  We invite you to join us in our continued pursuit of developing the FunRealFun brand, and we appreciate your ongoing support and loyalty.

Why use FunRealFun Flooring?

FunRealFun flooring is low-profile, skid resistant, made in the USA, machine washable, durable, used for indoor/outdoor, and permanently dyed (so the patterns won't fade with each washing).

Does FunRealFun Flooring require separate padding like traditional carpeting?

No, FunRealFun Flooring has a non-skid backing that supplies both cushion and comfort, while keeping them in place. 

What is FunRealFun Flooring made of?

Polyester: the flooring has a neoprene backing with a woven polyester facing that captures near photographic quality graphics and images.

What sizes do FunRealFun rugs come in?
  1. Large Mat: 23" x 36"
  2. Runner: 25" x 60"
  3. Area: 46" x 66"

How do I wash FunRealFun Flooring?

We recommend washing the flooring in cold water and letting them air dry.

How soon will my order arrive?

All flooring is made to order and is processed within 3-5 business days in our facility located in Georgia. Depending on your geographic location, it can take 5-7 days for your shipment to arrive at your location. Once your order has been submitted into our system, you will receive an email confirmation detailing out everything you purchased. 

Is there a minimum order required?

No. Our minimum order is just one rug.